Brand: Aura

Hundred Percent Labs | Grape CRUNCH +CBG Gummies (1-Day)


We are cannabis lovers, explorers, pioneers and collaborators who are 100% dedicated to our craft, our community and the industry. Our specialty is creating effects-focused products infused with full-spectrum cannabinoids that aim to elevate expectations for quality, flavor and experience. Every Aura product is crafted in our lab, using our own recipes and techniques we’ve refined to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

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CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG (Cannabigerol)-128.8

About the brand :

Endeavor Beyond The Horizon
Aura combines science and artistry to create a spectrum of pure, potent, high-integrity cannabis products that aim to elevate expectations for quality, flavor, and experience.
As American astronauts have reached beyond the horizon aboard Endeavour spacecrafts, we build Aura cannabis to be the patient’s companion to endeavor beyond the horizons of life.

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