Brand: BeneLeaves

Beneleaves | Topical | Mary’s Medicinal Transdermal Patch+ CBG 5pk


Transdermal patches are unique in the topical category because they are able to break the “blood-brain barrier”, meaning you may experience psychoactive effects! Patches are great for long lasting, controlled relief and are intended to be left on the skin for 12-24 hours.

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About the brand :

At BeneLeaves, patients are the reason for everything they do.
They know life is full of ups and downs, and they’re here to help them through it all—whether it’s with the most high-quality cannabis product you can find, or simply through a shared smile with one of their employees. They’re here to help you feel your best, however they can.
BeneLeaves meticulously sources cannabis strains from trusted Ohio growers that target the 25 qualifying medical conditions recognized by the state of Ohio.

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